Ordering CD-ROM Continuing Education Sets

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Continuing Education Sets

These CD-ROMs contain interactive material designed to aid the learningĀ and revision of Gynaecological, Non-Gynaecological and Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology.

NB: Members are able to access online versions of the below titles by logging in to the Member’s Portal and accessing the Education area. To order a CD ROM version please follow the instructions below.

Titles currently available:

  1. Respiratory Cytopathology Version 2 by Mark Stevens (This is a complete re-write of the previous title with all new images)
  2. Endocervical Cytopathology by Marilyn Betchley and Lesley Smith
  3. Normal and Benign Cervical Cytopathology by Deborah Reich, Gabriele Medley and Grant King
  4. Postirradiation Cervicovaginal Cytology by Paul Shield
  5. Cervical Cytology Self Assessment Quiz by Paul Shield, Bernadette Tanner and Grant King
  6. Fine Needle Aspiration of Breast by Paul Shield and Diane Cominos
  7. Urinary Cytopathology by Mark Stevens

Cost: (Australian dollars)

Cost per title: $45.45 Includes postage within Australia
$4.55 GST
$50.00 Total


Please note that $20 AUD must be added for postage & handling for international orders.

How to order

Please print and mail or fax the following order form to the ASC Office with payment (cheque or credit card).

191.0 KiB

1. Respiratory Cytopathology version 2

  • Benign Cellular Changes
  • Non Cellular Elements and Contaminants
  • Cytopathology of Respiratory Infections
  • Miscellaneous Lesions and Inflammatory Conditions
  • Preneoplastic Changes in the Respiratory Epithelium
  • Primary Lung Cancer
  • Metastatic Cancer to the Lung

2. Glandular Lesions of the Endocervix

3. Normal and Benign Cervical Cytopathology

4. Postirradiation Cervicovaginal Cytology

  • Acute Phase Changes
  • Chronic Effects
  • Postirradiation Dysplasia
  • Recurrent Carcinoma
  • Accuracy and Role of Postirradiation Cytology


5. Cervical Cytology Self Assessment Quiz

  • Quiz


6. Fine Needle Aspiration of Breast

  • Reporting
  • Normal components
  • Specific benign patterns
  • Malignant patterns
  • Diffuse lesions & conditions
  • Round lesions
  • Stellate lesions
  • Unusual malignant variants


7. Urinary Cytopathology

  • Normal Cellular Components
  • Non-Neoplastic Anormalities
  • Iatrogenic Changes
  • Urothelial Neoplasia and Classification
  • Cytology of Low Grade Urothelial Lesions
  • Cytology of High Grade Urothelial Lesions
  • Other Primary Lesions and Metastatic Cancer