Fellowship Board

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Fellowship Board

This body oversees the requirements and conduct of the examination process for the Fellowship of the ASC (FASC). The Fellowship Board functions as a sub-committee of the Board of Education and consists of a minimum of four members. Ideally the committee has an even balance of scientific and medical membership.

The role of Board is to formulate and conduct examination for the qualification Fellow of Australian Society of Cytology (FASC). This includes:

  1. Consideration and approval of candidacy.
  2. Setting and examining the various aspects of the Fellowship, in line with the Fellowship requirements.
  3. Review of the requirements from time to time.
  4. Awarding the qualification to successful candidates.

The Board will report to the Board of Education and to Council through the Chair or a nominee.

Currently members of the Fellowship Board are:

A/Prof Paul Shield


Dr Bastiaan de Boer
A/Prof Elizabeth Salisbury
A/Prof Vincent Williams