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Elected members of Executive Committee and elected State Chairpersons (Councillors) form the body known as Council. The Rules state that ‘subject to the Act, the Regulations, the Rules, and any resolution passed by the Society’, Council ‘shall control and manage the affairs of the Society’ and do ‘all such things as appear’ ‘to be necessary or desirable for the proper management of the affairs of the Society’.

It is usual for Council to meet twice a year. The first meeting is held in March (teleconference) and the second meeting is held in conjunction with the Annual Scientific and Business Meeting in October.

Any financial member of the Society can contribute to the Agenda at these meetings however it is usual for this to be channelled via members of Executive or the Councillor in each State. Each meeting takes about four hours.


ACT: Dr Jane Twin
NSW: Dr Hema Mahajan
Qld: Mrs Terese Boost
SA: Ms Jennifer Buckseall
Tas: Ms Karen Wolfswinkel
Vic: Dr Karen Talia
WA: Dr Siaw Ming Chai