Board of Examiners

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Board of Examiners

Members of the Society are invited to participate on this Board as per the Terms of Reference established in 1993. The current President is always the Chair and the Chief Examiner is chosen from the standing Members of the Board.

The Board meets twice a year. At the meeting in March (usually held as a teleconference with 2 or 3 members meeting face-to-face only) applications are reviewed and the content of the examination is agreed upon. Two Members of the Board accept the major responsibility for at least one component of the exam. The microscopy examinations are the most time consuming and demanding component to prepare, as five or six matching sets of slides are required. All Board Members are asked to assist with providing slides.

The Examination is always held over two days on the last weekend in June. The venues are determined by the candidates having completed the survey on the CT(ASC) Exam page of this site.

The Councillor and the Branch Committee (or their nominated representatives) are required to organise the venue, facilities and supervision of the examination in each state over the two day period. The National Office and the Examination Board provide support as required.

Five pairs of markers perform the marking of the examination. Each Board Member works with an invited marker from their State. Where possible the pair consists of one cytologist and one cytopathologist. Each pair is required to mark one theory question, and two questions from both the gynaecological and non-gynaecological microscopy papers. Pairs have one month to finalise their marking.

The Multiple Choice papers are marked manually at the National Office using a template.

All marked papers are then returned to the National Office. All data is entered on a spreadsheet. The Chief Examiner then spends at least two days reviewing the results.

Results are sent by the National Office to all candidates at the end of August. Successful candidates are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting at the Annual Scientific and Business Meeting to receive their Certificates.

The Board also meets again in October at the time of the Annual General Meeting and Annual Scientific and Business Meeting. The results of the past examination are discussed and analysed and plans for the next examination are put in place.

This Board provides a written Annual Report to Council each year.

Currently Members of the Board of Examiners are:


A/Prof Lyndal Anderson
Chief Examiner:
Mrs Terese Boost
Board Members:
Dr Hema Mahajan
Ms Jennifer Buckseall
Mrs Stephanie McKell
Ms Diana Stockman
Mrs Julie Weigner