Board of Education

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Board of Education

This Board was formed in 1995 and has its own Terms of Reference. The Chairperson has to be nominated from within the board, and he or she, and other members, can only hold office for 4 years.

Members of this Board currently meet twice a year.

The Tutorial comes under the auspices of the Board of Education and both the convenor and the faculty all volunteer their time.

This board reports directly to Council.

Currently Members of the Board of Education are:

Ms Jennifer Ross
Permanent Members
Editor Cytoletter:
Ms Jennifer Ross
Representative from Executive Committee:
A/Prof Wendy Raymond
Website Manager:
Mr Christopher Bodel
CEC Registrar:
Mrs Alisa Williams
Tutorial Convenor:
Dr Alina Miranda
Dr Siaw Ming Chai
Dr Bryan Knight
Ms Debbie Ekman