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The only national body focused on enhancing diagnostic cytology

The Australian Society of Cytology was established in 1969 and is the sole national body whose activities are primarily directed at enhancing diagnostic cytology. The primary objectives of the Society are to foster an interest in the training, status and conditions of employment of cytologists within the Commonwealth of Australia, to achieve uniformity in the interpretation and reporting of cytological findings, and to advance the knowledge and standards of clinical, diagnostic and general cytology by means of seminars, lectures, case conferences and other activities.

The membership of the Society is approximately 800 of which 500 are non-medical or associate cytotechnologists and 300 are medical members. Since the inaugural meeting of the Society, which was held in Perth in 1970, the Society has been actively involved in advancing the education of members. The Society sponsors Annual Scientific Meetings where members can update their skills in cytology by attending lectures and workshops presented by international and national experts in the field. A quarterly newsletter (Cytoletter) is published by the Society for its members and includes scientific material and information on branch and national activities, and provides a forum for interchange of information between members. The Society has established a qualification for cytotechnologists: the Certificate of Technology of the Australian Society of Cytology CT(ASC), and this examination has been held annually since 1975.

The Objectives of the Society

  • To provide a forum for exchange of ideas on cytology;
  • To foster an interest in the training of cytologists;
  • To endeavour to achieve uniformity in the interpretation and reporting of cytological findings;
  • To advance the knowledge and standards of cytology by means of seminars, lectures, case conferences and publication of relevant material in existing journals or by the publication of broadsheets;
  • To encourage research in cytology;
  • To establish liaison with similar bodies having similar aims in other countries;
  • To represent the special interests of cytological services before the various levels of government, and other organisations representing the interests of the professions and health services.

Rules of the Society

The Rules of the Society were established as per the Associations Incorporation Act 1991. The Rules were formally adopted in October 1994 and since then only one adjustment has been made to include the election of non medical members to office-bearing positions.

Copies of ‘The Rules’ of the Society are sent to every new member of the Society.

Membership and committees

Members of all boards and committees are volunteers, as is the Editor of Cytoletter, and they come to board meetings in their own time, or as prearranged with their employer.

Costs to attend these meetings are covered by the Society and where necessary include transport (air/cab/parking) and accommodation.

Face-to-face meetings are held in October. Each meeting is scheduled for a half day and members of Council, the Board of Education and the Board of Examiners meet for lunch provided by the Society. These committees also conduct a teleconference in March each year.

The names of members of Executive and Council, as well as the Chair of the Board of Education and the Chief Examiner of the Board of Examiners, and the Editor of Cytoletter are listed in the ‘Contents’ page of Cytoletter each quarter and on this site. Communication with them can always be made through the national office.